Topページ 岩陰に輝く黄金

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My discovery. The explanation is added to my easy picture and an easy photograph, and figure of me charming is opened in them sometimes.

Shines in crack of rock and shines

When sunshine in a crack of a rock

Shosetsu (小雪): November 22 - Small snow

In the place behind a rock where the morning sun shines and the sunset is brilliant, gold has one thousand servings of one thousand servings and mercury there.
Kanayama Megaliths located in Gifu Prefecture Gero City Kanayama town Iwase.
The way to the gap can divide a B stone of one "The Megaliths with a Marked Stone" and B' stone of Three Megalithic Sites into the V shape-shaped, and faces to the west-southwest-east north-east.
The sunset in the front where even Usui(rainwater) sinks in a mountain for about 120 days around a winter solstice from Sohkoh(Frost descent)in a gap of these megalith and megalith.
The evidence that it can't be formed naturally can shift the stone by which it seems to have controlled the width of the ditch subtly, and is on the side where light comes in to pile up.
Underground money shouldn't be associated from gold and mercury in the legend. time is money, money is time. I should understand to suggest how to measure eternal time.
The ancient who made these sunsight facilities bound movement in the sun repeated every day up with 6 days, and that repeated it 5 times, and increased, and made the leap day 1 period for 4 months one month and 3 periods with 1 year.
1 year = 6 days x 5 x 4 x 3 + 5.2422 days.
3 periods of end can be observed by "The Megaliths with a Marked Stone" the both in case of a day of Rain water, Summer solstice, Frost descent.
Even today and Winter solstice are one month more. The time sunlight carves in a megalith is brilliant.


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